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Different directions

Some these piece are influenced by study of geology at university.  Hours of fieldwork involving close observation of rock formations is reflected in the bold marks and layering in these paintings.

While most of my paintings are square in format, these works are in a slimmer, portrait or panoramic format. 


A trio of larger pieces can be grouped together to create a statement piece.  The smaller pieces are the perfect fit for tight spaces, narrow walls or for hanging in pairs. 

“After much measuring the pictures are finally hung.  They look great, added a much needed impact and we see different things every time we look.  Made me want more colour through the house now!"

Clare and Andy, who commissioned the trio pictured

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Pivot the conversation

Looking for something smaller?

My bold, expressive miniatures are a vibrant and affordable addition to any home and make perfect gifts.


Searching for something bigger?

Create a statement with an attention-grabbing abstract expressionist piece of orginal art.

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