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Worcester's Big Parade

Cherrie's largest artwork to date is an elephant sculpture name Jackson. He's part of Worcester’s Big Parade this summer.  

From 13 July for eight weeks, Worcester is being brought to life by a parade of beautifully decorated elephant sculptures. 

Elephants, both big and small, will form a free art trail through the city’s streets and open spaces, bringing together the community for one unforgettable event.
Each large sculpture is sponsored by a business and designed by an artist. The small sculptures are sponsored by schools and community groups who will decorate their ele-baby together.

Sponsored by Severn Arts in partnership with Worcestershire County Council, Jackson loves to stand out from the herd. His vibrant colour palette and lashings of paint reflect his exuberant personality and convey a sense of energy, optimism and playfulness. 

The Big Parade takes place from 12 July to 5 September. Then, after a special farewell event, each large elephant will be auctioned to raise funds for St Richard’s Hospice and the ele-babies will return to the groups who lovingly decorated them.



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