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I use acrylics and mixed media to create bold, expressive paintings that fire the imagination and enable the viewer to interpret the work through their own personal lens. 


Colour excites me, grabs my attention and fuels my creativity.  So it’s often an eye-catching combination of colours that's the starting point for my abstract artwork, whether in the pattern of a friend’s dress, a display of plastic spades at the seaside or the dramatic coastlines of West Cornwall.


I prefer palette knives to brushes and anything that can be used to make marks and create interesting textures.  Some of my work is influenced by time spent at university studying geology and environmental biogeochemistry.  Hours of fieldwork involving close observation of rock formations is reflected in the bold marks and layering in some of my paintings, while other pieces directly reference the colours and forms of minerals such as feldspar and malachite.


Sometimes I begin a new piece with a clear idea in mind, at other times colour is the starting point, and everything else flows from there. I want to create work that provokes a reaction from the viewer, which arouses their curiosity and causes them to take a closer look.  


When I first started painting I expected to create work I was pleased with every time and was disheartened when I didn’t. I soon came to realise that it’s as much about the creative process, or perhaps more so, than it is about the end result.


I love the freedom of painting, the joy of experimenting, exploring how different colours work together, complementing, enhancing, detracting, even jarring, and not fully knowing where it will lead.


The excitement I experienced as a child opening a new tin of crayons or a bumper pack of felt tip pens has never quite worn off.

My work

“Colour excites me, grabs my attention and fuels my creativity."

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