Cushions and mugs

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Mugs £ each plus delivery

Cushions £ each plus delivery

Cherrie's cushions are digitally printed onto super soft vegan faux suede - the sort of velvety material that makes you go 'ooooh' when you feel it. Choose from 45 x 45cm, 60cm or our awesome 95cm floor cushions. Handmade in the UK, with your choice of fibre or duck-feather insert, or opt for the cover only.

The mugs are made from Cambridge Duraglaze cermanic earthenware 330ml mug.

  • Orca-coated and dishwasher proof for over 1000 washes.

© Cherrie Mansfield 2019  |  Photography Richard Nicholls, Lewis Membery & Jade Edwards

Images must not be used without the artist's permission  

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