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#CreativeConnections  |  Explore your own creativity  

To help you explore your own creativity during these extraordinary times, as part of Freezing point: colour unleashed, Cherrie and her fellow artists have developed some free worksheets for you to use at home.  

You can download the first of these below.

1. Create a fantasy adventure

Poet Jeremy Harwood invites you to see things in a new light, to create part of a film script and to craft your own fantasy adventure story. 

2. Using colour expressively

Artist Susan Birth encourages you to use a simple outline sketch to express your creativity through colour.  

3. Reflecting on the world around us

Painter Caroline Hall has devised three creative activities to to help children and adults to reflect on the world around them.  Take a look and have a go!


4. Choose constraint

Too much choice can be overwhelming and can hinder creativity rather than unleashing it.  In contrast, narrowing our choices or setting some constraints can help drive discovery and innovation.  


Cherrie Mansfield has designed four exercises involving different forms of constraint aimed at enabling your creativity to flourish.

Jeremy worksheet 1.jpg
Worksheet - Sue.jpg
Caroline worksheet.jpg
Cherrie worksheet 1.jpg

We'd love you to send us photos of your creations.  We'll share a selection of those we receive over on our Facebook page

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