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“It proved a great way to create new work and

keep studio clutter in check

In 2018, Cherrie participated in the global art initiative #the100dayproject, which involved doing a creative action every day for 100 days. 

Every single day from 3 April to 18 July, Cherrie delved into a pile of discarded paintings and pieces of paintings salvaged during a studio clear out.  With a little (or a lot) of addition, subtraction, reduction or obliteration she began turning them into vibrant new pieces of art – as well as a  number that headed straight back to the discard pile.


You can see some of the results below or head over to #100daysofrevivingdiscardedart on Instagram where Cherrie documented her participation each day. 

Here’s what she wrote on completing the project:

“Yesterday I completed 100 consecutive days of reviving discarded paintings and turning them into new pieces of artwork. For those who want to know more, here's what I've learnt from my participation in the #the100dayproject....

*100 days is a very long time. It was April and raining when I started!


*Despite working full time / getting home late from evening meetings / a holiday / a weekend away / organising an art exhibition / a sweltering studio at the height of the heatwave / losing motivation - with a bit of planning and a lot of determination it is possible to create something every day

*It is the turning up that counts - whether that's for five minutes or three hours


*It's felt uncomfortable to post work I'm unhappy with and that has now returned to the discard pile (see days 25 and 79) but I've also created work I love. Some of it will be making an appearance at #worcestershireopenstudios2018 (see days 43 and 73)


*I've made new discoveries and tried new ways of working (see days 29 and 100)


*Keeping it simple often gets the best results (see days 3 and 73)


*Creating daily enables immediate visual responses to experiences and observations - both consciously (see day 12) and unconsciously (see day 44)


*Involving others is fun (see day 89)


*I can't accurately capture turquoise or carmine red on my iphone! (see day 66)


*Some things got neglected to make way for daily creating - exercise, sleep and housework!


*Not getting hung up on titles and titling work on completion is a great discipline and saves a lot of stress later *Setting constraints aids creativity, I only really broke the rules once (see day 73), although I am looking forward to starting my next painting with a blank canvas."

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